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Master Alamul
Master Instructor

Master Alex Alamul has studied martial arts for the past 35 years. He is one of the top instructors of our time who has dedicated all his life to this sport. He has had many achievements throughout his career and has had several schools in several countries. He is not only a national instructor, but also an international instructor. He has earned his belts and degrees from the greatest masters of all time. Throughout his teaching experiences, he has taught many communities, police forces. Army gorillas, public and private school and have owned his own schools in the U.S. and abroad.

He is the current Vice-President of the Northern California TaeKwonDo Association.  He is also the Founder of the Nor-Cal Tae Kwon Do Championship which takes place each year in October in San Jose, Ca

Master Alamul has also studied over 15 years in Media and Film.  He is the proprietor of Sidekick Productions in San Jose, Ca. He is an accomplished Director.  His production companies most recent release is  the film 'Blood of the Father'.  They are also responsible for ,'Wrong Turn' and 'The Silly Adventures of Daffy Dave.' Master Alamul holds a  Film Degree from ACT of San Franciso.

Master Alamul is a Sixth-Degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is also a member of many organizations and has won numerous awards, such as;


  • Some of Master Alamuls Awards:

    *  2010 Hall of Fame Recipient

     *  2010- Current Vice-President Northern California Tae Kwon Do Association

    * 2001-Warrior Challenge 1st place- Gold

    * 2001 USA World Championship- World Champion

    * 1999 USA World Championship- 3rd Place- Bronze

    * 1998 World Tae Kwon Do Championship England- Silver

    * 1998 Cal State Championship 1st Place- Gold

    * 1997 Cal State Championship- 1st Place- Gold

    * 1997  Karate Way National- Gold

    * 1997 Pacific Coast National- Gold

    * 1996 30th Anniversary Hwa Rang Kwan Championship- 1st place- Gold

    * 1995 Cal State Championship- 1st place-Gold

    * 1995 Pan American-1st-Gold

    * 1994 International Tae Kwon Do World Championship-1st Place- Gold

    * 1993 Pan Am Martial Arts Championship-1st Place- Gold

    * 1993 NATA National Championship- 1st Place- Gold

    * 1992 Golden State Martial Arts Championship- 1st Place- Gold

    * 1992 Shao Lin Martial Arts Championship-1st-Gold

    * 1991 AMAPA National-1st Place-Gold

    * 1991 National Black Belt League State Championship- Grand Champion

    * 1991 The Real Tournament-1st Place-Gold

    * 1989 UC Berkeley Championship-1st Place-Gold

    * 1988 UC Berkeley Championship-1st Place-Gold

    *1988 Asian Tae Kwon Do Championship(Pakistan)-1st Place-Gold

    *1988 Olympic Runner-Up (Seoul, Korea)

    *1986 Asian Games-1st Place-Gold

    *1985 Afghan International Championship-1st Place-Gold










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Alessia Alamul
3rd Degree Black Belt

Alessia has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since the age of 3.  She is in the top 2 in team top 3 in pair  and top 5 in individual in United States and won numerous medals in Local  State National and international tournaments in united state .Some of her achievements include;  


2018  US Natianal  Bronze

2018 CA State    Bronze

2017 US Natianal  Bronze

2017  CA State   Gold                                                                                                                                               

2017 CA State    Gold  team

2016 US Natianal  Silver                                                                                                       

2016 CA state     silver

2016 US OPEN    GOLD 

2015 U.S. national Silver / us national team reserve

2015 U.S national  bronze

2015 state champion Gold

2014 Arizona state champion Gold

2014 Ca state champion Gold

2013 U.S. national silver

2013 US open bronze 

2013 Ca state champion Gold

2012 pan am silver

2012 state champion Gold

2011 U.S. National  Gold

2011 Ca state champion Gold

2010 Ca State Champion Gold

2009 USA Junior Olympics Gold

2009 Ca State Champion Gold

2008 Ca State Champion Gold

2007 Ca State Champion Gold

2006 State and Regional Champion Gold

plus 37 Gold Medels in local tournaments

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Valentina Cekovski
Certified Black Belt

Valentina is a 2nd degree black belt

coming soon

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Kristen Leckrone

Kristen is 4th degree black belt Coming soon

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Jose Ochoa
Head Instructor

Jose is a 4th degree Black Belt and has studied Taekwondo under Master Alex Alamul since 1986.
He is the head Instructor at Marin Martial Arts in San Rafael and Sidekick in San jose

  • 3 time Middle Weight California Gold Medal champion 
  • Silver Medal 1996 National Kickboxing Championship
  • 2001 US Open Heavy Weight Champion in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2008 Ca state champion Gold
  • 2006 AKA USA champion Gold 
  • 2004 pan am  champion  Gold
  • 39 gold plus 21 silver and 2 bronze in local tournament 


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Tom Cissero
Head Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instructor

Head Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor at Sidekick-Fitness, Sensei Tom Cissro, has practiced martial arts his entire life starting at age 10. He earned his Black Belt in Shotokan Karate at the early age of 16. He has also studied Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing.

Furthermore, for the last 14 years, he has focused on the gentle, effective ground fighting art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. A very accomplished practitioner, Tom has earned the rank of Brown Belt. He is very dedicated and passionate to the advancement of himself and his students of men, women, and children in this fine Martial Art.

His two sons are also involved and train the fine art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well.

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